Winterborne Stickland Sports and Community Club
Following a successful event in September with Toby de Kretser playing a variety of songs and not such a positive summer the WSSCC committee have decided that the club will open for events at least once a month rather than every Saturday. We are hoping to invite Toby back hopefully when there are no weddings or village events! In doing this we hope to provide good, varied entertainment for the members and community

Upcoming events are:-

10th December Christmas Disco Come and have a festive bop to tunes DJed by Jason Oakley.

If members or anyone in the community has any ideas about possible events of either the sporting variety or musical please contact Greg Whale, events secretary, or any other committee members. We are always trying to think of new ideas and welcome positive contributions from the community. The club would not exist if as it is if it were not for a dedicated group of volunteers from our local community. If anyone else is willing to give of their time to help out at events or provide specific skills please contact me, Miriam Leigh at we would welcome some help with our website does anyone with some time have skills in this area?
Miriam Leigh, Chair person, WSSCC Committee